Gasthaus Strohe Entspannung pur
gesunde Natur im Herz der Eifel

You find our Gasthaus in the heart of the Eifel, halfway between the cities of Adenau and Altenahr, in proximity of the Nürburgring. Located close to the village center of Dümpelfeld, we are surrounded by the lovely landscape of the mouth of the Adenauer Bach (Creek) and the river Ahr. This is the most open segment of the Oberahr valley which provides hikers, bicyclists and others seeking recreation a broad range of activities. Both hiking paths and bicycle routes start right on our premises.

The origin of our hotel traces back to a Conditorei (bakery) which was converted into a very modern hotel (at the time) with a restaurant on the first floor. It was opened in 1909. The Gasthaus had been family owned and handed down from generation to generation. We acquired the building in 2004 and gently restored it to todays hotel standards making use of traditional and ecologically friendly materials exclusively. It was considered very important to blend modern elements, respecting the traditional village flair and preserving the grown ambiance.

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